Players and teams entered into competitions

Comp Name Team
Doubles Ben Turnbull and Dan Carter BICC
Doubles Chris Mapp and Bob Roberts BICC
Doubles John Jones and Phil Taylor BICC
Doubles Barry Heeks and Gary Brereton Bickley Club
Doubles Tony Dutton and Karl Wynne Bickley Club
Doubles Lawrence Wyn Jones and Graham Davies Cunliffe Assassins
Doubles Mark Stokes and Karl Rastall Cunliffe Assassins
Doubles Peter Mulvaney and Adam Mulvaney Cunliffe Assassins
Doubles Rob Williams and Matthew Mulvaney Cunliffe Assassins
Doubles Alex Ward and Clwyd Roberts Farndon Phoenix
Doubles Steve Parry and Colin Richards Farndon Phoenix
Doubles Tommy Pinnington and Neil Route Farndon Phoenix
Doubles Antony Leyland and Lee Plowley Malpas Sports Club
Doubles Bernie Lloyd and Paul Latham Malpas Sports Club
Doubles Simon Bradley and Chris Ely Malpas Sports Club
Doubles Tommy Lloyd and R. Davies Malpas Sports Club
Doubles Lloyd Baker and Peter Hughes Overton All Stars
Doubles Ed Dodd and Stuart Mottershead Overton Club
Doubles Paul Parry and Aaron Crofts Overton Club
Doubles Steve Dodd and Will Dodd Overton Club
Doubles Graham Smout and Mike Jones Plough
Doubles Luke Jarrett and Paul Harvey Plough
Doubles Paul Jones and Ryan Jones Plough
Doubles David Williams and Mick Williams Poachers
Doubles Simon Smith and Charlie Dakin Poachers
Doubles Syd Barclay and Tim Vaughan Poachers
Doubles Ant Formstone and Matt Redmond Red Lion Travellers
Doubles Grant Carrington and Mike McGrath Red Lion Travellers
Doubles Lee Venables and Graham Smith Red Lion Travellers
Doubles Darren Williams and Kev Clorley Wheatsheaf
Doubles Gareth Lloyd and Mark Lea White Lion
Doubles James Grindley and Steve Baker White Lion
Doubles Jim King and Reg Taylor White Lion
Doubles John Fenlon and Matt Fenlon White Lion
Mixed Lawrence Wyn Jones and Maggie Rastall Cunliffe Assassins
Mixed Lloyd Baker and Alison Baker Overton All Stars
Mixed Peter Hughes and Carol Hughes Overton All Stars
Mixed Rhian Harvey and Chris Cox Plough
Mixed Lee Venables & Rhian Halfpenny Red Lion Travellers
Mixed Kev Clorley and Tracey Whibberley Wheatsheaf
Mixed Tony MacDonald and Stephanie Cliff White Lion
Singles Ben Turnbull BICC
Singles Bob Roberts BICC
Singles Dan Carter BICC
Singles John Jones BICC
Singles Phil Woodfine BICC
Singles Barry Heeks Bickley Club
Singles Gary Brereton Bickley Club
Singles Karl Wynne Bickley Club
Singles Tony Dutton Bickley Club
Singles Graham Davies Cunliffe Assassins
Singles Karl Rastall Cunliffe Assassins
Singles Lawrence Wyn Jones Cunliffe Assassins
Singles Mark Stokes Cunliffe Assassins
Singles Rob Williams Cunliffe Assassins
Singles Sam Giles Cunliffe Assassins
Singles Wayne Barlow Cunliffe Assassins
Singles Alex Ward Farndon Phoenix
Singles Clwyd Roberts Farndon Phoenix
Singles Colin Richards Farndon Phoenix
Singles Neil Route Farndon Phoenix
Singles Steve Parry Farndon Phoenix
Singles Tommy Pinnington Farndon Phoenix
Singles Antony Leyland Malpas Sports Club
Singles Hywel Roberts Malpas Sports Club
Singles Paul Latham Malpas Sports Club
Singles Simon Bradley Malpas Sports Club
Singles Tommy Lloyd Malpas Sports Club
Singles Lloyd Baker Overton All Stars
Singles Peter Hughes Overton All Stars
Singles Aaron Crofts Overton Club
Singles Ed Dodd Overton Club
Singles Paul Parry Overton Club
Singles Steve Dodd Overton Club
Singles Stuart Mottershead Overton Club
Singles Will Dodd Overton Club
Singles Graham Smout Plough
Singles Luke Jarrett Plough
Singles Paul Harvey Plough
Singles Paul Jones Plough
Singles Ryan Jones Plough
Singles Charlie Dakin Poachers
Singles David Williams Poachers
Singles Mick Williams Poachers
Singles Syd Barclay Poachers
Singles Anthony Formstone Red Lion Travellers
Singles Grant Carrington Red Lion Travellers
Singles Lee Venables Red Lion Travellers
Singles Mark Postle Red Lion Travellers
Singles Matt Collister Red Lion Travellers
Singles Matthew Redmond Red Lion Travellers
Singles Mike McGrath Red Lion Travellers
Singles Darren Williams Wheatsheaf Inn
Singles Kev Clorley Wheatsheaf Inn